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Baker Topping, Inc. began its journey on October 25, 2001. After 15 years of being an employee for both Paramount Citrus and Kimball Toppers, Inc. and watching how the agricultural and service industries worked so closely together, I decided to step out in faith alongside my father Robert M. Baker and my brother Mark D. Baker, our company Baker Topping, Inc. became a reality.

My first customer was my father and brother on their 500 acre citrus and olive groves. Jokingly, they both used to say, "now that citrus is over, what are you going to do?"

Long since that first season, and after many years, my wife and I again took a step in faith and bought out my father and brother and now we top and hedge over 20,000 acres of tree fruits and nuts from the California Grapevine to Lodi, California.

In 2010 we were approached to trim for compliance under the transmission lines for Pacific Gas and Electric, and then again in 2013 Southern California Edison asked for our services.

-- Mike Baker